sophia_nelson_bioSinger/songwriter and composer Sophia Nelson was born in Ghana, to a family of seven children, of which she is the youngest. From childhood, home was a melting pot of art, music, food, people…

She attributes developing her acoustic alchemic sense of rhythm to growing up in a very diverse musical household. African Highlife, Jazz, Pop and Soul music of the seventies, Latin American and Classical music…

Deeply influenced by this musical diversity, she develops and acquires more knowlege during her several trips and studies abroad and finally at the Conservatoire of Angers, CIM, ISAAC…

Neither her degree in laboratory sciences nor her part time job as a model could dull her passion and love for music. She started her career with a band in the West of France “Cosmopolitan” which did jazz-funk cover songs.

She then worked with different groups and renowned musicians such as Paco Sery, Richard Bona, just to mention a few. In 2002 she co-produced and released her first album “Lotty”, a creative journey travelling through different genres of music, shifting styles and rhythms in its course. Then came “Woman in Love” in 2008. Wow! A spicy cocktail of Jazz, funk, highlife with a touch of Latin music in which yet again, she showcased her colorful & unique style.

Sophia is back again with her third album “A Story to be Told”. A fusion of cultures culminating in a beautiful collection of international jazz. Marvellously arranged and directed by Berlin’s talented pianist, Daniel Stawinski, with whom she has been working for the past few years.

On this album, the wide variety of musicians from several continents, creates harmony & complicity, adding a unique blend and colour to her style. This positive energy is certainly felt by her audience. Sophia is as cosmopolitan as her music.

This album is certainly A STORY TO BE TOLD.